Loading Units

Loading Units - including Shovels, Diggers, and Loaders Rebuild and Shutdowns


Various; including but not limited to:

Newmont Goldcorp Boddington

Roy Hill

Rio Tinto – Brockman & Tom Price

Silverlake Resources – Randalls Gold

South 32 Groote Island

NRW Roy Hill Station

McMahon Contracting various sites

Hitachi various sites


Bodmec delivers a safe, reliable and skilled workforce of mobile plant mechanics, supervisors, leading hands, auto electricians, boilermakers, apprentices and equipment to cover all labour and requirements requested on-site for the major rebuilds and shutdowns.

Bodmec provides ongoing support, completing midlife and major machine rebuilds across the state of Western Australia. This is outside our labour support for general maintenance, leave coverage and increases in planned work.

Bodmec is able to procure miscellaneous materials, equipment and parts for clients from suppliers not set up as vendors for clients.


• Hitachi EX 1900, EX 2500, EX 3600, EX 5500, EX 8000

• Bucyrus HD 495 Rope Shovels

• Terex RH 120, RH 170, RH 340, RH 400

• Komatsu PC 1250, PC 2000, PC 3000

• CAT 994, 992, 988, 980

• Komatsu WA 1200, WA 900, WA 600


Since 2009 we have completed rebuild and shutdown projects for clients across the state of Western Australia, where required. We work with our clients to maintain the required consistency to address fluctuations of workload in the areas of shutdown, rebuilds and short and long-term labour.