About Us

Bodmec Maintenance Solutions is member of the Koormal Group of Companies. Koormal Group is a Supply Nation Certified company with Indigenous management and leadership.

Our Managing Director Gavin McGuire is a proud Ballardong Noongar man with family connections across the state of Western Australia.

Since inception, Bodmec has consistently been the go-to supplier at Newmont’s operations and has grown since 2009 to provide comprehensive maintenance solutions to original equipment manufacturers (OEMs), equipment dealers, major earthmoving and drill contractors across the state of Western Australia.

Bodmec continues to provide the right people, skills, equipment and backup support to make sure our client’s operational targets are achieved. We believe in a maintainable growth model where we supply our clients with the highest quality of service and safety.

We’re known for our flexibility and are always ready to assist with any request. Our professional and friendly service is geared to keeping the wheels of industry moving.

Our Difference: Reliable, Friendly and How can we help

problem solving attitude

Finding and keeping skilled and reliable people is a continuous challenge in the mining, civil and construction industries - with a measurable impact on productivity, safety and the environment.

Our people-centric approach delivers a motivated workforce supported by the right equipment to get the job done. We’ve earned a reputation for building, and maintaining, strong relationships with our clients,

relationships with our clients, suppliers and business partners that deliver sustainable results.

We are known for our responsive yet comprehensive service. And clients benefit from our ability to flex to their varied needs. We aim to minimise downtime and maximise availability. That goes for people and equipment.

It’s our reliable quality service guarantee.