Visions and Vaules

Safety First

We are committed to the health and safety of our people and those we work with. Our company culture supports a ‘Safety First’ attitude, as evidenced by our safety record and dedication to continuous improvement over the last 1,000,000 hours of labour completed.


To continue to be one of WA’s leading specialists in responsive maintenance solutions while continuing to grow our services and meet clients’ requirements in a responsible and sustainable manner.


To increase the operational efficiencies of the mining, civil and construction industries. With a focus on cost effectiveness and a view to creating long term partnerships with our valued clients.

People and Culuture

People and Culture

The Bodmec management team have a depth of experience and practical hands-on skills in the field.

Accumulatively, our knowledge covers operations in the mining, oil and gas, automotive, agricultural and mechanical repair industries, supported by important health and safety professionals and business managers.

Our business is built on the principles of capability, culture and respect.

The support and development of Indigenous communities is a core business driver as a part of the Koormal Group.


Always put SAFETY first for our people, equipment, our clients, and the community

Care for our ENVIRONMENT through a best work practice and continuous improvement ethos

Strive for RELIABILITY by providing the best talent for the job

Invest in our PEOPLE with training and development opportunities

Exceed our business PARTNERS’ expectations

Your EQUIPMENT availability is a key priority